The Gino's Story


Gino’s Burgers & Chicken is a direct descendant of Gino‘s Inc., a food industry pioneer and icon founded in 1957.

Gino's returns to combine consumers‘ desire for fresh, hot off-the-grill burgers and real chicken sandwiches, while benefiting from the residual and positive brand identity of the original Gino's, which was best known for great-tasting hamburgers and fried chicken.

No longer fast food - Gino’s Burgers & Chicken is positioned in the fast casual segment of the restaurant industry, and offers the expertise of a management team with a proven record of running great restaurants.

Our restaurant design includes an open kitchen format where products are prepared, cooked, and assembled in full view of our guests. Hand-cut french fries, fountain drinks, bottled drinks and hand spun milkshakes complete the offering.

The Gino's dining experience provides an affordable, comfortable, inviting environment where a highly-trained, well presented team ensure that customers are delighted with their experience.